Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Something found

Could it be? Have I happened upon a direction for my capstone?

I think, yes...

Miracle of miracles, today my presentation was understood. I have been feeling as though I was speaking tangled thoughts to my classmates throughout the quarter, but today, there was clarity within my words.

This has happened just in time, as today was our last presentation (pecha kucha style) before our final in two weeks.

It seems that it has come together though, and for this I am truly grateful.

I have decided that my capstone is going to be presented in the form of a museum exhibit. This seems like the best way to go about sharing all this information I have been bringing together, yet it is a slightly daunting undertaking. A paper and a poster series was one of my previous possible solutions, and now I am creating an exhibit—only slightly more involved!

I am very excited about this though, so it's time to keep moving forward!


  1. hey! here is a site that i've found helpful looking at for my exhibit design class...its fun to get lost on!

  2. oh! an AIGA has a filter on their archives for environmental design. check that out too!