Saturday, January 2, 2010

In light of Christmas & the New Year

"We too set out on a journey. And like wise men, we return by a different path–not our own pathway, but one revealed by God. Follow the star, your God-given desires. Trust in God like a vulnerable child. And give the gift of your heart to God and to the world." Rev. Patrick J. Howell

This was a surprising find in The Seattle Times this morning as I ate breakfast, now back in Seattle–my other hometown. I don't usually read the paper, but thought it would be good for me this morning as I am trying to gain a deeper awareness of the world–part of my New Year's goal and list of resolutions. Shocked to find something spiritual and uplifting in the paper of a city that proudly claims the reputation of being liberal. This just proves that we should never be ashamed for what we believe in effect resisting to judge others, and accept that people and therefore this life will always surprise us.

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