Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Capstone providence

"Oh my goodness. I realize that I am okay. I am different than what I had thought I needed to be successful in this program, but there is a place for me here. I have finally found it!" Scribbled amongst my notes from class yesterday was a moment of profound realization that I am exactly where I need to be–I belong exactly where I am.

During our discussion of capstone projects, we approached, once again, the question of what it means to be a Design Studies major. My professor explained this time where we might fit within this world. What is Design Studies... brilliant question. It seems to be a metamorphic assemblage of art, creativity, research, observation, and now anthropologic observation, which has me completely ecstatic! Could this be it? Is this very thing the hidden element that swept me into the world of design? It seems right. I feel like I have found where I belong after years spent wondering why I was here, never feeling adequate for what I was trying to accomplish with design. I feel like I have unearthed the reason for my being here. It is providence, and it is beyond beautiful.

I am seriously inquiring if what I should pursue is ethnography. With all that was discussed in class, I believe that it is quite possible. Not a designer, but a career as creative thinker is my calling...

So the better question becomes, what is a Design Studies major? What do we do–what and who exactly are we? This question took residence in my mind shortly after I joined this secret society of designers. Unusual and undefinable–are we cutting-edge, or just crazy?

We study human interaction. We ask questions. We identify problems. We inquire to discover. We are researchers and observers. We are individuals who see and explore limitless possibilities–and this is where I fit.

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