Monday, January 11, 2010

Serendipidous purpose

What am I doing here... I was, for some reason, reluctant to say initially, but this adventure in writing was sparked by a final project I did for my class in game design. We defined the terms of reality, play, experience and had to also define ourselves. These explorations of higher thought twisted my mind and led to my current journey of self-discovery. Through my book, I was able to comprehend through a visual form the changes that had occurred in my perspective of life and of self during the past three months.

It was a design class. It was not intended to spark introspection. Or was it. Was that my professor's intent all along? Was "game design" the chosen context for us to step out of the boundaries and learn how to actually think on our own? Whether intended or not, I am in uncharted territory. It's so good to be here. I feel like for the first time I am digging into my own thoughts and finally feel free to express them. During a class discussion–which when discussing theory amongst opinionated designers, tended to get pretty intense–my friend expressed his perspective that, "You don't always have to be right, but you should always have an opinion." I found so much freedom in this! So true, we are never going to always be right, rarely are we going to be, but within the right context, we should always have confidence enough to share our thoughts. To express yourself fearlessly...what a beautiful concept.

With this in mind as my class concluded in December, I did not want my journey to end, and therefore decided to create a living "book" to record my inquiries on this new adventure. I have so many questions and am going to be exploring the development of our individual realities as I further discover my own.


Design class #1 of my two-part capstone course required us to create a blog to record our thoughts and progress throughout the quarter. I was beside myself. Crazy over-the-top excited, about the fact that my homework will be requiring me to think, as an individual, about what I am curious about. I am required to think! To delve into my thoughts and inquiries through written word. Could this be? Everyday I am thankful for deign studies and am thankful that God has led me to this place. My interests and ideas are not disconnected like I had thought, I think I am actually going to be okay. So right here, this exact place is where they will collide.

Here is a sincere welcome to join me on this journey!

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