Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Studies of a self-proclaimed anthropologist

My studies within the School of Art have had me focusing on the idea of conducting visually appealing communication through the means of design.

My studies within the School of Business have had me learning how to effectively appeal to the needs, interests and desires of humanity through retail management.

My fascination with Italy, that began when I was twelve, has since had me thinking about and now currently studying the origins of beauty within the Italian culture and the affect it has had on our world.

My internship with Nordstrom had me experience, first hand, the success of appealing to the needs of humanity by communicating to our guests that we could provide them with something that would make them beautiful, and that we could provide them access to fashions from the most sought after designers, hailing from New York, Paris and my beloved Italy.
[Please note that this was not, by any means, the mission statement of Nordstrom, but simply the perception that I developed after my time spent working within and observing the world of fashion retail, first hand.]

I was a silent observer– a self-proclaimed anthropologist if you will, and was completely fascinated by the interests, ideas and desires of each individual entering our doors. This interest in humanity, fashion and the impact it has upon our cultural definition of beauty sparked the inquiries pioneering the direction for my design thesis!

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