Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pecha kucha

Yesterday I spent at least three hours working on my capstone project, and the exciting thing is, I absolutely loved it! I believe more each day in the truth that when you find something you are passionate about, you find untapped strength. My mind was flying as I came up with new ideas and thoughts about what it means to be truly beautiful, and how it is defined within our society. I am fascinated by the depth of this inquiry and how it has developed in our world.

A weird thought that I had while working on my presentation last night, was that I WANTED to write. I WANTED to research. I WANTED to delve further into the topics I was beginning to brush though, and felt as though I could write; I actually caught myself secretly wishing that I could... My wish was granted as our professor mentioned that we will be constructing some sort of research paper in the spring, so my hope now is that my longings will remain until then!

I gave my second pecha kucha presentation today and once again, it went much better than I had anticipated! I am so glad that my friends and professor were able to track with me–that is always my fear. I am always nervous that my mind has gone wild, roaming through territory unknown to others and will leave me abandoned in the depths of my thoughts as I begin to discuss in public what I have been thinking of...

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