Monday, February 15, 2010

Jeans: a tutu story

Today I bought a pair of jeans.

They were $6.50, and they are wonderful.

Not fitting me perfectly though, I can enjoy them in spite of this, as when I wear them, I feel free. By this I mean that I do not feel like I am trying to adhere to any sort of style identity other than that of myself.


In the dressing room though, I was struggling to decide whether or not to purchase this pair of jeans. I had three pairs with me, and was feeling conflicted. Three pairs, all completely different.

This called for a serious evaluation. Here we go...

Pair #1: Fit me like a glove— a tight glove, but a glove none the less. It had rips in it, which I do like, as they create visual interest on the jeans. They were similar to the jeans I have now and love, but the jean weight was thinner.

Pair #2: Fit me well. I had some freedom to move, which was nice. The back pockets had adorable detail that I appreciated, but the front was very plain. The bottom hem was thick, but the jean weight was also thinner than what I was looking for. No rips, but maybe this was good. I will look more responsible this way, and let's be honest, it is more practical.

Pair #3: Fit me just like my favorites! They were slightly baggy, but this is just how I like them. They had some detail on the knee of slight ripping, but no holes. This is good— it's a halfway point between the wild, care-free rips on #1 and the structured practicality of #2. The jean weight is awesome.

Now a decision must be made. Which do I purchase? I want to get a pair that I will wear, one that I will WANT to wear. So I need to evaluate the options here. What is it that I like, why do I always throw on my favorites?

I feel good in them. I love thick jean material, as it feels more durable and as though it will be more functional than the fashion jeans with lycra. So, I like a solid pair of durable jeans. Will I purchase #3 then? But they look a little baggy. People will think they are baggy. Will people think it is strange that I wear baggy jeans?

Wait a moment here...!


Oh. Good question. No, it actually doesn't! "They" are not wearing my jeans. I am wearing my jeans. I like pair #3, and I will therefore wear pair #3. Pair #3 felt like home. Is that silly? Maybe, but it's true; I like how I felt in those jeans, and although the Industry standard might be to wear tight fitting jeans, it does not mean that I have to.


Sorry Louis, it's a different century. There is not an aristocracy anymore. Anna, did you get that? If so, please let Vogue know.

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  1. Your fashion conundrum confuses me like none other! Is it really liberation if you ended up buying any pair of jeans at all? I mean, all three pairs were being sold, so some designer somewhere thought they would sell. In thinking they would sell, it was probably based on other things they had seen, etc... connect a few other links here and there... and Anna practically made those jeans!

    Plus, I find it interested that you went with the pair that was the happy medium between #1 and #2. By choosing something in the middle that doesn't make as loud of a statement either way, are you then choosing the "safe jeans"? The jeans where people are less likely to judge you for making a wilder or more conservative choice with the others?

    I'm always wanting to buy things that make crazy statements and then settling for something calmer. I bought some purple boots last weekend and my mom goes, "But what will you wear them with?!" Apparently people can't just wear purple boots whenever they want these days.