Monday, February 15, 2010

Style is

I have just identified that I like my jeans to be baggy, it's apart of my style.

After deliberation, reasoning, a little psychoanalysis, and personal liberation, I decided to buy pair #3!

It may be suggested that style reigns supreme over comfort or personal preference, but really, fashion is not a dictatorship. We do not answer to anyone but ourselves in this "aristocracy" as we wear our own clothes. The aristocracy is merely suggested and aims to impose its laws, doing so successfully through it's publication of fashion magazines and runway shows, but just as the courtiers had a choice to follow King Louis XIV and his fashion trends, so do I, so do we have the choice to follow the Industry's lead, or choose our own pathway of individual style.

The word "style" sounds like something that is pretentious or flashy, but really, style can be simple. For example, I have chosen baggy fitting jeans to be part of my style. Not pretentious, not flashy, just a choice. Style is a collection of choices that we make which create an image, in an assemblage of various materials, colors and shapes, to visually represent who we are. And in this, we have freedom.

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  1. I couldn't resist posting on something about baggy pants. I'm not really a fan of jeans (because I spent so long not wearing them that I have no understanding of what makes a pair of jeans GOOD), but I'm always diggin' on the baggy pants.

    After listening to your PKs, I can't help but wonder if my baggy pants fascination is a personal choice or if it happened because of the system of fashion. I've always thought it was a personal thing because I never see anyone else wearing "MC Hammer pants" / "Aladdin pants" / "Harem pants" but like two seasons ago, harem pants were IN STYLE. I went crazy and bought a bunch because I was afraid I'd never have the opportunity otherwise (before, I had been contemplating making my own or buying from some bellydance pants makers).

    I guess what I'm wondering is... if EVERYTHING goes into style (even harem pants!) at some point, am I still a piece in the fashion hierarchy if I haven't moved on from a certain style? Or, have I broken the system and maintained my individuality by doing so?