Wednesday, February 3, 2010


I have become lost in the thoughts of my own mind.

The direction in which I am heading has become less clear to me as I am further discovering the vast topics that are related to my project.

I feel like a bulldozer. Plowing ahead, not stopping, collecting and carrying anything in its path. Time is passing, and I have got to find some sort of direction within this.

I am not desperate, not scrambling, not scared, not yet. I have hope that as I pursue, like a bulldozer, in this broad direction, that something will surface, that something will become clear.


  1. When I was struggling to finish my MBA while working full time in the oil and gas industry, my mentor, the COO of the company, commented: "Folks never have a problem completing their master's thesis, they just have a problem getting started." Pick a topic and scope your project so you can do a quality job in the time you have available. My graduate advisor said, "At this point in the MBA program, what you want to get out of it is you!" Of course you want to finish strong, but the key is to finish. Why was Mozart, in his short life so much more prolific than Brahms? Because he didn't obsess over every note.

  2. That's really good advice, not obsessing over every note. I think we're all struggling with whittling our respective topics down to something we can work with. I know it's been really difficult for me too!