Friday, April 16, 2010

Back to the heart

Reviewing my presentations, I realize that what I set out to achieve initially at the beginning of last quarter when I started this project is exactly the direction I am currently pursuing today.

"Visual communication of ideas to inspire societal change and the way we define beauty."

Yes. This is from my first presentation, and I have stayed aligned with this goal, I just had no idea that it would take the form of a guerilla marketing campaign. Who knew?
Throughout this project I kept asking questions.

I kept inquiring—my focus has been to ignite inquiry.

The topic I have chosen is a matter of perception versus reality. There is a monarchy that has existed within the fashion industry since the 17th century. Although the power, overtime, has shifted from France to America, and rather than being solely political, it exists within the realm of mass media publication and is based upon opinion that is exerted from the pages of Vogue.

The monarchy today, the one existing within the fashion industry, is it real, or simply a perception of reality? With either case, I have realized that clothing is nothing more than costume in context. It is not identity, but merely fabric to fit the varied roles that we play in our lives.

Irregardless of what the monarchy proclaims we should or should not wear, we are free. We have a system of anarchy, we just often choose not to fully realize and fully embrace this reality.
Ok. So, how can I influence change here? There are infinite solutions to this, but the one I am pursuing is that of inquiry. I am going to present questions to the public that initiate thought.
How do you develop your perception of reality?
How do you define yourself?
Where do you derive your self-worth?
What is beauty?
What is clothing—is it costume or is it identity?
What inspires you?
What is fashion?
Is beauty a universal concept?
What is our societal definition of beauty?
Are you confined by distorted ideas of beauty?
What is confidence?
What is individuality?
What is style?
If clothing is an expression of self, what are you saying?
What is dressing-up versus clothing?
We should dress in the costumes of ourselves.
True style is the freedom to be unique.
True beauty is acceptance of self; it is individuality.
The original purpose of clothing is to clothe, but beyond this, clothing is a possible means for self-expression. Some people wear clothes for its intended purpose, while others wear clothes to make a statement.

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  1. I'm happy you've switched to something more in alignment with what your goal is. Though you have somewhat of a museum style look at this subject (Louis vs Anna), I think your goal is definition more of a guerilla/anarchy feel!

    I like the questions you're asking people, but I think you should be careful that you don't get too "Design Studiesy" on your audience! Questions like "If clothing is an expression of self, what are you saying?" are good because they are personal, easy to understand, and thought provoking. I think questions like "What is confidence?" are a bit vague. In a discussion place like a classroom, that sort of question makes sense as a topic starter, but it doesn't have the fuel behind it that some of the others do.

    Good job, Lauren! You're making progress! Woohoo!