Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Presentation—takes initiation

The first of three for our final capstone projects, and number one is tomorrow.

Let's go.
I have been thinking about this for many months now in theory, and the challenge with presenting tomorrow is that I have to be concise. Being concise is something I struggle with, as I love thinking thoughts, and thinking so many kinds of thoughts about the same topic, that I often think my way into paralysis when I embark upon too much analysis. Dad was right—paralysis by analysis actually occurs. Now, if I can find a way to combat this.

It is simple really, just keep moving forward. Yes, ok, so the real challenge I realize is in the implementation of this behavior...

To keep moving forward with this project, I need to answer a few questions as my presentation will consist of the results.

1. What is the problem I have identified?
2. What am I attempting to do?
3. Why is this important?
4. What is my proposed solution/ how do I achieve what I am attempting?
5. What do I expect to present/ what is my inspiration?
1. Our societal relationship with clothing is dictated by a monarchy.
The problem that I have identified is that there is a powerful external source of influence that impacts the way in which we define beauty in regard to clothing.
Societies around the globe have been influenced by a form of this external force since the 17th century.
This began in the historic form of a monarchy, originating in France with Louis XIV and the court at Versailles. Today, a similar power exists with the monarchy established by Anna Wintour and Vogue.
The exerted opinions of those at the head of the monarchy, both historically and currently within society, influence those underneath them + shape the relationship they have with clothing in light of their personal opinions

Societal relationship with clothing is a consequence of the monarchy.

2. I will expose the existing monarchical system of Vogue.
I am attempting to reveal the impact that the fashion industry, as led by Vogue, has upon our personal relationships with clothing.

3. Our existing societal relationship with clothing is distorted.
We give too much power and regard the opinions as expressed by the fashion industry with too high esteem, that the words and images found in fashion magazines become our dictators—we allow them to dictate our relationship with clothing, (we allow them to shape our identity).

4. I am proposing anarchy.
The anarchy that I propose takes form within the mind of each individual. By revealing the parallels between Louis XIV and the French Court + Anna Wintour and Vogue through the medium of an exhibit, I hope that through this exposure to historical references and current societal observations, to empower others to desire change and realize that freedom from the monarchy is available to those who step out and make their own choices in clothing—realizing that clothing is not your identity, it is only a costume.

5. Let's begin a revolution—today.
My inspiration is the French Revolution. The people of France recognized that there was a problem, and they took action. They revolted against the injustice of their nation, and ignited change in the system. Today, let's do the same.

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