Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Reflecting toward movement

Where to now? I think I have asked this question before. So many times throughout this process have I wondered where I should go—what direction to take. Now is the time that I just need to move. I have researched this topic of fashion, beauty, and identity within our society and that of the past. I need to recognize that there will always be more for me to learn, there is so much out there, and so many people have developed thoughts on this topic long before me. In light of this, I also need to have confidence in all I have learned and in the ideas that I have for communicating my thoughts on all of this.

...I feel as though I as swirling in a hurricane of information, images, and ideas... STOP. The winds have quieted; I need to be still. It is time to process the information!
Thank you Mark Oldach for writing about creativity + thank you Dominic for sending us his article. Processing the Information is a roadmap for the creative. It does not reveal the destination, but provides advice as to how we can reach our own amidst the torrent of information we travel through as designers.
Now, insight as how to move forward...
Review. Reorganize. Restate. Readdress. Reword.

1. Review all notes and research.
2. Reorganize the information you have gathered.
3. Restate the information in various forms.
4. Readdress the project objective.
5. Reword the project objective as design criteria.

"Give yourself the luxury of time to let the information marinate in your brain." Effective results are the product of a specific message and a clearly identified audience...
Focused objectives. Specific audience. Defined expectations. Single message.

Do not be all things to all people!

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