Thursday, April 15, 2010

Revelation to revolution

During my presentation yesterday, I had a moment of inspiration.

I realized that it's not a museum exhibit that I should be creating, but rather a guerilla marketing campaign.

I want to share information, spark something that changes perspectives, and inspire people to question the monarchy that reigns within our society. The context of a museum, although a great means for sharing information, is not the right context for what it is that I am attempting with my capstone.

If it is 'anarchy' that I am wanting to spark, anarchy from the fashion monarchy, looking back in history, anarchy was never achieved through the safe and structured walls of a museum. Never. Anarchy was ignited amongst the people, it was a stirring from underneath that shook the foundation of the system at the top.

I need to unleash a current that inspires change—one that makes people take notice, one that is bold, one that speaks so loudly that others begin to hear.

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