Sunday, April 11, 2010


I really need to get over myself and this insane trepidation that exists within me. I realize how afraid I have been to simply post my thoughts in this space. Why is this? It seems crazy, but I think it is fear of criticism, now that I really look at it.

The thing is, there is no longer any time for fear... it is time for action!

Okay, so what direction am I going?

I was on the brink of abandoning Louis XIV and Anna Wintour altogether, but luckily, my professor prevented me from this as it would have had me pursuing further research in this rapidly diminishing sliver of time that I have left. Thank you again!

Bah! Why do I always do this? Is anyone else prone to abandoning ideas when it is time to move forward? Well, I am about to turn over a new leaf and for once, stick with my original idea. It is a good idea that I had! I need to remember this. It is not the best, and cannot be, but it is intriguing, and all I need now is to execute my externalization/deliverable in a way that invites others to learn about this topic. I need to make Louis + Anna relevant to those outside myself. I know I find this parallel interesting, but I have to invite others into this conversation in a way that is compelling.

What exactly is this conversation?

Mmm... time to think some thoughts on this one. The goal is to be concise in my answer—clear, and concise with a well-defined target audience. I cannot be all things to all people, so I have to stop trying. I just need to answer this one truthfully so that I can move on and move forward from here.

Here's to progressing forward!

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